ALUMNI-MENTOR.COM Podcast Series for Career Mentoring

ALUMNI-MENTOR.COM Podcast Series for Career Mentoring

ALUMNI-MENTOR.COM Podcast Series for Career Mentoring ALUMNI-MENTOR.COM Podcast Series for Career Mentoring ALUMNI-MENTOR.COM Podcast Series for Career Mentoring

Welcome to the world of FinTech is supported by alumni and provides insights to students at Cornell's Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) school who are considering a career in FinTech!

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Podcast 1 - Career Perspectives

David Gertler

David started his FinTech career at Salomon Brothers where he became the Senior Operating Officer for information technology.  

David led Salomon’s initiative to create a data and analytic consortium, the Electronic Joint Venture (EJV).  This start-up was jointly owned by Salomon Brothers and five other investment banks.

He had leadership roles in other market data initiatives, including SuperDerivatives (SD), which is a leader in evaluating complex derivatives instruments. 

David is now advising several start-ups, including a company that provides low latency network services to high-frequency trading firms.  And recently, he launched as a volunteer service to connect alumni with ORIE students.

Podcast 2 - Career Perspectives

Victoria Averbukh

Podcast by Victoria Averbukh, Ph.D. - Professor of Practice and Director of Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM)

Linking a career in the academic world with the financial industry!

Victoria Averbukh is a Professor of Practice at the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering and the Director of Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM). Victoria received her B.A. in Mathematics from NYU in 1993 and her M.S. and Ph.D. from Cornell ORIE in 1997.

After completing her Ph.D., Victoria worked in Fixed Income Research at Salomon Brothers (now Citi) as a strategist covering U.S. Treasury futures, and later Mortgage-Backed Securities. In 2004 she joined Deutsche Bank, where she became the Head of Structured Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities Research. During her Wall Street career, Victoria focused on transaction-oriented research in fixed income. She has been quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Bloomberg Radio.

CFEM was established in 2007 to serve as a satellite Manhattan campus for ORIE M.Eng. students interested in careers in quantitative finance.  As a director of CFEM, Victoria leverages her knowledge of financial markets and broad relationships within the financial industry to ensure that students receive the practical and hands-on education needed to start their careers. 

Full bio is in the ABOUT section. 

Podcast 3 - Machine Learning

Marcos Lopez de Prado

Podcast by Marcos Lopez de Prado, Ph.D. - Professor of Practice, Operations Research & Information Engineering at Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM) 

Exciting Machine Learning Advances for the Financial Industry!  

Prof. Marcos López de Prado is the CIO of True Positive Technologies (TPT), and Professor of Practice at Cornell University’s School of Engineering. He has over 20 years of experience developing investment strategies with the help of machine learning algorithms and supercomputers. 

At AQR, Marcos was a principal and the first head of machine learning. He also founded and led Guggenheim Partners’ Quantitative Investment Strategies business.

Concurrently with the management of investments, between 2011 and 2018 Marcos was a research fellow at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science). He has published dozens of scientific articles on machine learning and supercomputing in the leading academic journals, is a founding co-editor of The Journal of Financial Data Science.

Marcos earned a PhD in financial economics (2003), a second PhD in mathematical finance (2011) from Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Full bio is in the ABOUT section. 

Podcast 4 - Blockchain

Zohar Hod

Podcast by Zohar Hod:   Blockchain and career opportunities in the Fintech world!   Synchronizing and sharing of BIG data across trust boundaries.  A natural fit for Operations Research and Information Engineering students.

Zohar’s background includes leadership roles in innovative hi-tech start-ups in the financial industry.  After graduation from the NYU Stern Business School, Zohar founded ViewTrade, a start-up to facilitate order routing across exchanges.  Then he joined Hedge-X Strategies which provided technology solutions for hedge fund execution and clearing.  At BearingPoint and IBM Services, he was a senior consultant to financial firms. 

Zohar joined SuperDerivatives (SD) in 2008 as a member of the management committee.  SuperDerivatives provided analysis and evaluation of derivative instruments by leveraging newly developed quantitative models which were deployed in a cloud-based technology. SD was acquired by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). More recently, Zohar has been involved with truePTS (post-trade services for derivatives) and Digital Asset (Blockchain solutions for the financial industry).

Podcast 5 - Recent Students

Anant Patel, Dong Hyun Kim, & Shankar Venkatraman

In this podcast, we hear from three freshly minted graduates of the Cornell Financial Engineering Masters program at Roosevelt Island.  In the discussion, they talk about their experiences at Cornell and some of the important considerations leading to taking a position in the FinTech sector.

Podcast 6 - Day in the Life of a Quant

Sasha Rozenberg

Sasha has 20 years of experience in the financial industry  He held various roles at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, SuperDerivatives. and the CME Group.  Sasha reflects on the life of a "quant" in the Fintech sector.  This is a "must listen" if you are interested in a quant role!

Podcast 7 - Data Management

Michael Atkin

Michael Atkin is a well-known expert in data management.  This podcast is all about Data Management. It is a bit different than earlier podcasts on quantitative roles.  But, as you will hear - extensive, relevant, and high-quality data is clearly a key ingredient for any quant activity.